About Us

Public Budget Project


Do you have a feeling that the political situation in Czech Republic is not going the way it should? That you don’t know what politicians to vote for and if you do, they do not perform in the way they promised? It is the time to change something. Before 1989 we were driven by something that we felt we can hardly influence. Most of those that tried it ended up bad.

Now we are living in the free country where we can say whatever we want. We go to the elections and believe that the candidates will do what they talk about and will do it for us - citizens. We think that they should, because we pay them for it. Are they doing it really? Well, they will never do until the important part of citizens will actively take care about what their representatives do with our money, where do they invest them and if they lead our country into the prosperity. The aim of this project is to contribute to this process.


We want to create interactive and very “user friendly” web application that will allow all viewers to see economy of the municipalities, regions and the state. The public will have a chance to follow and comment on the decisions of their politicians. Everybody will have a chance to discuss all those topics with other people and politicians itself. Another key feature will be possibility to compare statistics between different cities. The level is up to viewer - no matter if they want to see only profit and lost or details of the investments, its is all going to be there. Those politicians and employees in public sector can use it as another way to communicate with their electorates but also as the tool, where they can easily manage their financial portfolio (stage 2).


We believe by creating strong community around this idea we can do easier decision about who to vote, to whom to give our trust and money. So this activity should lead to:

  • reduced corruption,

  • higher efficiency of public administration,

  • increase the country's competitiveness

  • increasing citizen satisfaction.

How You Can Participate

The project needs people, financing and awareness.

  • We need economists, enlightened state and municipality representatives, journalists, programmers and other motivated volunteers. Contacts us if you feel, that you are the right one.

  • Even though our goal to make the project able to be pay-off for itself in the future, we need to pass the stage 1 to get it up and running first. So we are looking for companies and individuals that can help us with the project funding. No amount is small, no amount is big. The spendings will be transparently visible to everybody. Obviously.

  • Do you know anybody who can be interested in our project? Spread the word about us.


Thank you for your interest and help.

Yours Rozpočet veřejně/Public Budget Team